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Asteroid Belt Slime


Asteroid Belt Slime

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Texture – Clear Perlite slime

Size – 6 oz
Scent – Dark Cherry
Color – Deep Dark Shimmery Blue/Black

Description –

Asteroid Belt Slime is a clear glue perlite slime with one of the most unique slime textures available. This deep dark slime shifts from shimmery blue to black and is embedded with perlite, a volcanic glass that puffs up like popcorn when superheated. Perlite pieces have small air pockets inside them, making this slime great for ASMR. The perlite bits also give your hands a gentle massage sensation as you play with the slime, and you can even crush the perlite pieces between your fingers for an additional sensory experience.

We lightly scent the Asteroid Belt Slime with dark cherry, and have the cutest astronaut, star, and asteroid charms included for texture and imaginative play.

Level – Advanced

We label this perlite slime as advanced because clear slimes tend to need more maintenance and may arrive sticky. This doesn’t limit who can purchase the Asteroid Belt Slime, it’s just a heads up that it might be frustrating for someone who is not an experienced slime user.

Add Ins – Perlite rocks, astronaut charm, star charm, asteroid charm

Perlite will be with the slime inside the jar. Charms are included in a separate container.

Every slime order comes with Borax and a slime care card to help your slime fun last as long as possible.

All orders of 4+ slimes come with a special gift!
May be ONE of the following:

  • mochi squishy
  • large candy
  • Sea Dragon Slimes jelly wristband
  • Sea Dragon Slimes logo sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.229631 oz
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 7.62 in


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