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Slime Texture Guide

What are the different types of slime textures? This slime texture guide explains the textures in our slime shop. If you want to learn about additional slime types, you can learn everything you need to know about slime textures on our family blog Eating Richly.

Butter Slime

Extreme close up of thick butter slime in vibrant colors of yellow, lavender, and sea foam green tightly swirled together. The slime texture looks just like a buttercream frosting.
Butter Slime

A Butter Slime is a Glossy Slime with soft air dry clay mixed in. There is a high ratio of clay, making the slime very spreadable like butter.. We use a custom mix of polymer clays in our slimes for sale. Our current favorite Butter Slimes are Brownie Batter Slime and the mixed result from our Frosted Coconut Shortbread Slime DIY Clay Kit.

Butter Slime is incredibly holdable and great for spreading and molding. This is a perfect slime texture for beginners and younger slime users as it is the least sticky slime texture. A Butter Slime may inflate to double its size while playing with it. 

You may also see Butter Slime called Frosting Slime, as it can look like a thick buttercream frosting. Variations on Butter Slime include Snow Butter Slime (see Cloud Dough Slime below) and Cloud Creme Slime.

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Clay Slime

A Clay Slime is basically any slime with clay added to it. This can include Butter Slime, Cloud Creme Slime, Cloud Dough Slime, DIY Clay Slime Kits, and Snow Butter Slime.

Clear Slime

Extreme closeup of completely transparent clear slime flowing over four fingertips and down into a stream like a waterfall in front of a white background.
Clear Slime

Clear Slime is made with clear glue. Any ingredients mixed in must also be clear, so Clear Slime uses a dissolved borax activator, and may also contain glycerin for added stretch.

After mixing,  Clear Slime will look cloudy because it is full of air bubbles. It is best to over activate the slime, then let it sit for at least a week without moving or touching so the air bubbles can all rise to the surface. Then the slime will be crystal clear like water. Clear Slime is perfect for BIG bubbles, pops, and makes amazing ASMR.

Since a Clear Slime texture can get sticky easily, we recommend having some Borax activator handy to put a drop or two on your hands as needed.

Cloud Slime

An incredibly fluffy ribbon of sea foam green cloud slime drizzles down into a swirly pile on a white marble counter. The texture of the slime looks like spun cotton candy.
Cloud Slime

Cloud Slime is a White Glue Slime with lots of hydrated instant snow powder mixed in. When squeezed or pressed, Cloud Slime compresses to a slightly dense texture. This packed texture feels doughy, wet (and often moisturizing) but not sticky.

As Cloud Slime is stretched and pulled, it begins to expand into a fluffy texture that looks like cotton candy. It drizzles down beautifully and appears soft, dry, and feathery to the touch, but it actually has the same moisturizing feel spread into hundreds of thin silky strands.

Cloud Slime is incredibly stretchy and holdable, but the drizzling technique can take practice. The Cloud Slime texture is one of our favorites for sensory regulation because it triggers something soothing in our brain to watch the texture change and have the drizzle texture feel so different from how looks.

Cloud Dough Slime

Close up photo of a warm beige cloud dough slime topped with red, pink, and white polymer clay sprinkles. The slime texture looks like a swirl of chilled sugar cookie dough.
Cloud Dough Slime

Cloud Dough Slime is a Cloud Slime with clay added to it. The texture is very similar to chilled cookie dough. Cloud Dough Slime is the most popular slime for making ice cream inspired slimes, because the snow in the slime gives it those tiny cute cracks like you see in a scoop of well chilled ice cream.

Our current favorite Cloud Dough Slimes are Lemon Fresh and Watermelon Frog.

Cloud Dough is incredibly holdable and moldable, making it great for younger slime users. It is really good for stretching as well, which makes it a favorite for physical and occupational therapy.

DIY Clay Slime

DIY Clay Kit

DIY Clay Slime is a kit that includes a molded clay shape that can be mixed into a slime. The slime base can be any texture, and there may also be things like sprinkles and charms to add in.

The picture above is our Frosted Coconut Shortbread Slime DIY Clay Kit.

DIY Clay Slime is great for people looking for a more creative experience at the start of their slime play. There is usually a theme that all the parts of the kit fit into, and the final texture may be a Butter Slime, Cloud Dough Slime, or other Clay Slime depending on the slime base.

Floam Slime

Extreme close up of a floam slime texture. Vibrant pastel foam balls in pink, yellow, purple, sea foam green, and white are coated in a white glossy slime.
Floam Slime

Floam Slime is a Bead Slime that contains styrofoam beads. The slime base will usually be a Clear Slime or Glossy Slime as these really do the best job holding those beads in. Floam Slime is seriously crunchy and perfect for ASMR fans but can be a slightly stickier slime texture in order to hold the beads in. Just plan on having your activator nearby to spread a few drops on your hands as needed. We always include Borax for making your own activator at home!

Glossy Slime

A hand with fingers spread is sunk into a pile of vibrant neon green, yellow, and pink glossy slime.
Glossy Slime

Glossy Slime is the classic slime texture that started it all. While Glossy Slimes may contain clear glue, they are considered a White Glue Slime as they will always contain white glue. As the name suggests, the slimes are

Glossy Slime is great for bubble pops, pokes, big bubbles and stretching. Glossy Slime is often the slime base for other slime textures like Floam Slime, Butter Slime, Cloud Slime, and Snow Fizz Slime.

Icee Slime

A swirl of bright red icee slime on a white and grey marble counter. The slime texture is wet with fluffy snow particles just visible.
Icee Slime

Icee Slime is a Clear Glue Slime with lots of hydrated instant snow mixed in. The texture is usually wet but should not be sticky, and resembles a frozen slushy drink. Icee Slime (pronounced like icy) is very squishy and makes delightful sizzly sounds as you play with it.

Jelly Slime

A bright golden yellow jelly slime is stretched up and drizzling down onto itself. The extreme close up photo shows the hydrated particles that create the jelly slime texture in a clear glue slime.
Jelly Slime

Jelly Slime is similar to Icee Slime but contains less hydrated Instant Snow, and less water. It has a Clear Slime base, and the visual effect is similar to a frosted gummy candy.

The picture above is our Mango Boba Slime. This slime is very holdable, and the texture is a bit like jam that isn’t sticky. Jelly Slime is great for bubble pops, stretches, and pokes.

Jelly Cube Slime

Jelly Cube Slime is a Jelly Slime or Clear Slime with cubes of cut up white melamine foam sponges mixed in (think Magic Eraser). The jelly cubes can make popping sounds when squeezed as they release air into the slime. Over time the cubes break down giving more of a chunky texture to the slime. Jelly Cube Slime is great for bubble pops, stretches, and ASMR. It is popular for slimes designed to look like Boba or other similar tea drinks as the foam cubes resemble lychee jellies.

Perlite Slime

A stretched out deep blue shimmery clear slime is full of small white rocks to make a perlite slime texture that looks like an asteroid field.
Perlite Slime

Perlite Slime is a slime that contains small white rocks called perlite. Perlite is made of volcanic glass that is superheated until it expands and pops (yes just like popcorn!). The perlite pieces are airy and bright white, with a microscopic pumice texture. Perlite Slime is a Crunchy Slime that can be made with white glue or clear glue. The air pockets created by the perlite make for great ASMR, and the pieces of perlite not only massage your hands, but can also be crushed between your fingers for an additional sensory experience.

The picture above is our Asteroid Belt Slime.

Side note, I (Diana) totally thought I invented Perlite Slime when I decided to try adding perlite to slime after mixing some in my garden soil. The texture was incredible and fun and I felt like a genius. But a google search showed me that I was not the only Perlite Slime inventing genius in the world. No idea who came up with it first, but we still find this to be one of the more unique slime textures out there.

Snow Butter Slime

Snow Butter Slime is another name for Cloud Dough Slime. Snow Butter Slime is made with white glue, hydrated instant snow, and clay. The texture is incredibly holdable and one of the most beginner friendly slimes.

Snow Fizz Slime

Closeup of a clear lilac slime filled with tiny bits of shredded hard plastic to make a snow fizz slime texture.
Snow Fizz Slime

Snow Fizz Slime is a slime made with plastic artificial snow. The artificial snow is made from white plastic coat hangers that are shaved into tiny flakes. The Snow Fizz Slime texture is great for ASMR because it makes a sizzling fizzy sound, like bacon frying in a pan, or the carbonation bubbles popping in a freshly opened soda. This is also a very holdable slime, great for stretching, squeezing, and a different type of massaging sensation than other slime textures.

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