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Campfire Smores Slime


Campfire Smores

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Texture – Layered cloud slime, thick butter slime, glossy slime

Size – 6 oz
Scent – Chocolate, graham crackers, toasted marshmallows
Color – Layered tan, dark brown, and white

Description –

Our Smores Slime is a perfect mix of textures, scents, and colors, capturing the essence of everyone’s beloved campfire treat. The top and bottom layers are a tan fluffy cloud slime, resembling crumbly grahams. It smells warm and cozy like a freshly opened package of graham crackers.

In between the graham cracker layers, you’ll find a thick white butter slime. It’s super smooth, stretchy, and has a delicious scent of slightly caramelized and smokey toasted marshmallows. And of course, we can’t forget the glossy dark brown slime that brings the chocolatey goodness. It’s like melted chocolate, rich and irresistible.

Once you start mixing the Smores Slime, it creates a hypnotic swirl of brown and white. The colors blend together to form a fluffy snow butter slime that looks just like a frozen hot chocolate.

Level – Intermediate

While the Smores Slime becomes a very beginner friendly snow butter texture, we categorize it as an Intermediate level slime because the glossy layer may be a bit sticky (depending on the amount of time between the slime being made and played with). The layers may also be slightly mixed due to time or transit. That said, we have tested this slime with multiple kids and adults who found it very easy to mix and play with.

Add Ins – Foam marshmallows, happy marshmallow sprinkles, chocolate bar charm

All add ins will be on top of the slime inside the jar.

Every slime order comes with Borax and a slime care card to help your slime fun last as long as possible.

All orders of 4+ slimes come with a special gift!
May be ONE of the following:

  • mochi squishy
  • large candy
  • Sea Dragon Slimes jelly wristband
  • Sea Dragon Slimes logo sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.215456 oz
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 7.62 in


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