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Lemon Fresh Slime


Lemon Fresh

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Texture – Snow Butter
Size – 6 oz
Scent – Real Lemon Essential Oil
Color -Bright yellow

Description –

This lemon slime is a smooth and fluffy slime that can inflate to double its size! If you love the lemon fresh scent of cleaning supplies, but don’t have the executive function to actually use them, this slime is for you. Our buttery lemon slime comes topped with lemon slice sprinkles in the jar, ready for mixing.

The texture of this slime is so soft, and the more you play with the slime the more it inflates. Lemon Fresh Slime is great for finger pokes and bubble pops, and incredibly spreadable.

Level – Beginner

We call our snow butter slimes “beginner slimes” because they are an easy texture to play with. Snow butter slimes aren’t sticky, and are easy to hold without dripping everywhere. This lemon slime also keeps its texture for a long time. Our more advanced slimes tend to get sticky quickly, and need additional activator sooner. That said, even us expert slime superfans love the texture of a snow butter slime.

Add Ins – None

Every slime order comes with Borax and a slime care card to help your slime fun last as long as possible.

All orders of 4+ slimes come with a special gift!
May be ONE of the following:

  • mochi squishy
  • large candy
  • Sea Dragon Slimes jelly wristband
  • Sea Dragon Slimes logo sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.2129049 oz
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 7.62 in


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