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Santa’s Milk and Cookie DIY Clay Kit


Santa Milk and Cookie Slime DIY Clay Kit

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Texture – Thick and glossy slime with clay, becomes butter slime
Size – 6 oz
Scent – Frosted coconut shortbread cookie
Color – White, becomes pink after mixing

Description –

This Santa Milk and Cookie Slime is a sweet DIY Clay Kit that adds extra creativity to your holiday slime time. The jar of slime is our “milk slime”; a thick and glossy slime base scented just like cookie icing. Spread a circle of the red “frosting” slime onto the coconut shortbread scented clay cookie, then sprinkle on some magic with a Christmas jimmies sprinkle mix, and add the cute Santa charm.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can mix it all together to make a thick, buttery, light pink slime that’s great for inflating and spreading. Imagine a slime that looks and smells like buttercream frosting, without being sticky.

Level – Beginner to Medium

We categorize our glossy DIY clay kits as beginner to medium difficulty because there is a mixing process. This is the DIY part, and what makes these kits so much fun. Also, slime can sometimes need a bit of activator added once the clay is mixed in. But this is less common with our thick and glossy slime base, and the resulting butter slime is a GREAT texture for beginners!

You will also end up with more slime than fits in the jar. Don’t worry! Your leftovers can be stored in the deli container your clay cookie arrives in.

Add Ins – clay “shortbread” cookie, Christmas jimmies fimo sprinkle mix, 1 oz red “frosting” slime, Santa charm

All add ins will be in separate container for you to mix into the slime yourself.

Every slime order comes with Borax and a slime care card to help your slime fun last as long as possible.

All orders of 4+ slimes come with a special gift!
May be ONE of the following:

  • mochi squishy
  • large candy
  • Sea Dragon Slimes jelly wristband
  • Sea Dragon Slimes logo sticker

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 11.43 × 19.05 × 7.62 in


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