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Zombie Brains Slime


Zombie Brains

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Introducing Zombie Brains, the spine-tingling avalanche slime that’s sure to give you the chills! This eerily delightful concoction blends textures and colors for a sensory experience like no other. Like an avalanche cascading down a mountain, Zombie Brains Slime has a mind bending cascade of two distinct layers.

The top layer is a thick and glossy white slime, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. The white layer is packed with foam marshmallows that create a chillingly authentic brain-like texture. Beneath the snowy surface lies a clear layer, an intense, dark blood red that looks the part but has an amazingly fruity watermelon scent. When you squish and squeeze Zombie Brains, you’re rewarded with satisfying crunches and delightful bubble pops. It’s the perfect mix of eerie meets satisfying.

Zombie Brains is not just a Halloween treat but a year-round gift for all zombie lovers out there. Get ready to indulge in this creepy, crunchy, and captivating slime that promises to tickle your senses and bring the undead to life in a whole new way!

Level – Advanced

We categorize our clear slimes as “advanced” because they are more likely to get sticky in transit, or based on weather and time. Making activator with the included Borax (dissolve the contents of the package in one cup of warm water) before slime play will set you up for success if your slime is stickier than you expected.

Add Ins – foam mini marshmallows

The mini marshmallows are included in the slime jar.

Every slime order comes with Borax and a slime care card to help your slime fun last as long as possible.

All orders of 4+ slimes come with a special gift!
May be ONE of the following:

  • mochi squishy
  • large candy
  • Sea Dragon Slimes jelly wristband
  • Sea Dragon Slimes logo sticker

Additional information

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Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 7.62 in


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